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A Reflection on The Now and The Never.

Kara Martin

Quick – look down. Right now you’re probably reading this while wearing something you’ve owned for a decade – whether it’s slacks and a t-shirt that, admit it, is starting to turn a whole new shade, or a tried-and-tested office look you know you can always count on, like a uniform, to look the least bit presentable and professional.

I honestly don’t blame you – the living world is fast enough as is and we’re just trying to keep up day by day. The last thing you want to worry about is what you’re covering your body with while you run. The last thing you want to worry about is what you look like in the photographic evidence of said “running”. Sticking to what you know and love is a safe bet for sure.

The same way we have daily routines in our living and working lives, we develop them in our fashion sense without even realising it. We become known for a certain thing – a look, a hairstyle, a studded jacket, a designer we blindly follow.

For a while as a teenager affiliated with the worlds of Punk, Goth and Metal music and expression, I got lost in a sea of studs, chainmail and black. I was “that” girl, often defined by it.

Even though at University I was also then listening to everything from Reggae to Radiohead, “that” girl followed me around, and still creeps up into my adult life. She still makes it hard for me to find the exact shirt I want while rummaging through my closet (picture the sea of black…a needle in a haystack…of needles).

What has changed, I will say, is the variety of blacks – charcoal, ebony, ink and pitch-black, obsidian, onyx, jade and jet-black. Think Coco Chanel or her predecessor Mr Lagerfeld, style mogul Daphne Guinness, the ageless, “All Black Everything” stylings of designer Norma Kamali; looking closer to home- Meiling, Peter Minshall, and Adrian Foster.

Like them, I’ve simply elevated my Black, “Adulted” it. And so therefore my mother is content.

But my argument here is not that we “grow up”, but more that we get out of our style ruts, our comfort zones. What about the stuff at the back of the cupboard? The stuff in plastic you sometimes pull out daintily with two fingers to admire, to see if it still fits? That full-length “lewk” that screams “over the top” at the front of your mind, but “only the best” at the back of it?

Why are we denying ourselves such beauty and elegance? Why – and for what, and for whom – are we suffering? What’s really and truly been the point in saving our “Sunday Best”?

In fact, let’s talk about that phrase. “Sunday Best” obviously stems from the idea of dressing up and presenting yourself at your most crisp and cleanliest for church on Sunday. It’s about looking your best…for the eyes of God.

Drag the same concept into the modern world of “Dressing to Impress” and, to me, it’s akin to presenting who you would like to be, what you would like to look like for Instagram, versus what you actually look like, and who you actually are IRL. Yikes, yes I went there (and no, I’m not saying Insta is the new church, don’t come for me).

Don’t be a sartorial sinner! Why not just be that person every (god-damned) day of the week?

Just wear the damn thing whenever, wherever. In the words of Morrissey: “Every Day is like Sunday”. Okay, sure, his lyrical intentions were more grey and grim when he said that, but I’d like to translate that here to mean that… all days are “God’s days”.

Model wearing a pink and white polka dot  top and baby blue ankle length free flowing skirt, with ruffles.
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Model dressed in a burnt orange ankle length jumpsuit.
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Model dressed in a blue and white pinned stripe knee length dress, accessorized with a multicolored printed belt.
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Sundays are historically great days – no work, just full-on relaxation, and you get to shed who the world thinks you are and just, well…skin out…in your own skin. “Sunday Best” should be your Everyday Best because you should be your most authentic self, walk your most authentic catwalk, EVERY. DAMN. DAY.

From Global Warming and COVID-19 “Rainy Days” are now a common occurrence, so there’s no point saving an outfit for one anymore. The question instead now is: Which one?

So, say “yes” to the Claudia Pegus dress you were “cryogenically freezing” to wear at your own engagement party dinner with the partner you still haven’t met yet. Say “today’s the day” the next time you come across that leather jacket you only wear when holidaying somewhere foreign. Say “why not?” to the idea of rocking an old Monday Wear costume to the beach, or with some high-waisted pants at brunch. Repeat that “it’s now or never” the next time you try to stop yourself from wearing the good Lululemon yoga pants during a home practice (and grow up – throw away any tights with unintentional holes, you deserve better).

And proudly flying that flag on Instagram is all well and good, but at the same time, nobody has to see these things. Do it for yourself. Call it Self-Care.

Photo by Thought Catalog

At the end of the day, don’t your best fits make you feel like a million bucks? Personally, a million bucks is energy I want around me all day every day. So, pick a day, any day. Pick an outfit, any outfit.