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Updated: Aug 7, 2020

She leaned in and whispered to the world, " Fashion isn't just what I wear my dear... it's my DNA in print."

Of course it is! Fashion, as we see it, is more than the ever-changing trends, it is the ongoing conversation of who we are in the world today. So who are we? What is our fashion DNA here in the Caribbean?

Well... I don't think there is an easy, or short answer that would do justice. When we dive into our history here in the Caribbean, it is by far one of the most interesting stories you could find in a world history book.

It is a space defined by growth, strength and acceptance- where every cultural wave that crashed through our place on the map found a home and an identity.

The Caribbean, and what we can identify as our fashion DNA, is an interwoven, mix-matched, bold and unapologetically different fabric to that of Paris, Milan, London and New York.

Why look outside of our borders for what we can find right here?

We have different stories to tell and a different truth to share.

Our Fashion industry is flush with talent; creatives that tell our history, character and culture. Isn't it time we get to know them? isn't it time we connect?

Here at Coblentz Corner, we are in no way re-inventing the wheel, we are simply lending a voice to the many talented creatives linked by our island chain.

Get the latest from your favourite designers, learn what's trending across the region, and stay tapped into OUR fashion scene... for everything Caribbean Fashion related meet us here on the corner!

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