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Fashion on the Go... with Meagan Monsegue

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

We all know that GIRL!! You know the effortlessly cool chick who looks like she literally walked straight off of a magazine cover. She exists in every corner of the globe and the Caribbean certainly has HER in spades.

Model, Fashionista, Event Designer, Globe Trotter, Entrepreneur, Influencer and Boss B**** Meagan Monsegue is so That Girl and we got a chance to sit and talk shop… LITERALLY.

It was a busy day at Cactus Close- a dream space for the type of energy Coblentz Corner was channeling - when in breezes Meagan Monsegue. Instantly, all attention is directed to her as she saunters across the space with her hands occupied with Trinidad based clothing brands The Cloth and Idlewood.

Like a hurricane rushing towards you, her presence captivates, even when you want to look away you can’t. So, after mobilizing the whole team, Richard Young included who just finished his sit down interview with us, we capture Meagan in her element.

Photo: Meagan Monsegue is dressed in C5 of The Cloth's Classic collection.

Photo: Meagan Monsegue rocking Idlewood's burnt orange jumper from chinoiserie collection. MUA: @kweenkeens

The model is still very much an extension of her.... Her respect for fashion guides every decision she makes; fashion is much more than a function, a daily choice… it is a passion that consumes and excites her.

“... when I see things, I see colours and I see the ability to put pieces together. What works, what contrasts and I am not very much a matchy matchy person- I like that contrast so for me even if it is the most basic piece, like if it is just a tank top I would try to dress it up and pair it up somehow so that’s how I look every day, “ she explains.

At the tender age of 16, Meagan Monsegue was thrown into the world of fashion by one of the Caribbean’s most celebrated designers- Meiling. Her interest and passion ignited during the three years modelling for Meiling… a road which fostered many more opportunities including representing her nation as Ms Trinidad and Tobago at the 2006 World Cup.

Her career has taken her to all corners of the globe which has helped launch the next chapter of her life- “Meags Suitcase”. A familiar concept to that of the “Travelling Pants”, Meagan has begun to share her well-stocked “suitcase” with today’s shoppers.

“This really came about as a combination of things. I was travelling and I met up with a friend who was nagging me to start putting together outfits and posting it online and start styling people. Then came along another friend who basically yelled at me saying that she’s been saying the same thing for a long time.”

With some not so gentle nudges from those close to her, Meagan stepped into this very new role of CEO to Meags Suitcase. With this outlet, she could marry two of her loves: fashion and travel.

“ At one point last year I felt like I was living in and out of my suitcase, I was travelling quite often and I wasn’t complaining. So I just put it together with my nickname and it just came hand in hand with the Meags Suitcase.”

And if we were to raid the suitcase what beauties will we find?

There’s only white in my suitcase,” she confesses. “It is permanently packed with options for Diner en Blanc events.”

Photo Side: Meagan revisits some of her Diner-en-Blanc looks.

As a brand ambassador for the Diner en Blanc franchise, we don’t doubt her all-white collection can dress a wedding, or ten… but there is more to the story of Meags suitcase than a carefully picked white ensemble, and we see this in some of her favourite looks.

“ My first favourite piece is a world map dress with pockets that I found in a small boutique in Valencia, Spain. Another is a fuschia pink two-piece set from the little black dress in Trinidad- that was selected by the store owner, Nissa Laquis. My last favourite piece is a white sheer mesh cut out dress that I wore to Diner en Blanc, Port of Spain. It was crafted and sown by Juliana Abraham.”

“My favourite pieces tend to be attached to great memorable moments and the feeling of empowerment when I put them on,” Meagan confesses.

And... with Meags Suitcase we can all get a sense of empowerment. With shopping now online, it is so easy to buy overseas but very few get the same experience of owning a limited edition outfit from local designers and boutique shops.

Following Meagan’s lead we’d say take risks, experiment, definitely explore who you are in the world of fashion and use it to spread the word..

“... as long as I think it is flattering on my body and my complexion I will continue to wear certain fashionsso they would probably say Meagan is modern chic, a little risky at times, very fashion-forward and of course they will say extra. “

Here’s to THAT Girl… that extra chic, fab, super talented human being that’s stirring things up and making the world pay attention.

For more on Meags Suitcase check out @meags_suitcase on Instagram.

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